by Role Out

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released 20 March 2014



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Role Out Riau, Indonesia

Hardcore punk/punk rock from Riau

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Track Name: Scram !!!
You liar
you crusher
you dominate
you still fake

scram !!!
we dont want to deceived
we always hate you
hope you die soon
Track Name: Lazy
still early to get up
hope this day be holiday
still lay on with my bed
and i will sleep all day yeah

i want forget for a while
stay inside the blanket
i don't want go to bedroom
for this time i hate sun

it is reality
I don't want to go out here
i just like to be here
have fun without work

time to wake up from a dream
and look at the real world

now i'm lazy
Track Name: I'm not your enemy
enjoy walk alone
its feel like yesterday
i like foreign people
you just think negative
i think there is nothing wrong

you think i was wrong
with mohawk,patch and spikey
You don't need to be afraid
from now on you should know
i'm not your enemy
you should now i'm not your enemy

i know i look different
and not same as you
maybe this is reason
you never accept me

i will shut your mouth
open your fucking eyes
make you think again
and i could be better

hope you understand
what has become my choice

you should now i'm not your enemy
Track Name: Hardcore for the punk
something i'm proud of
something i've been througth
I get and I have learned
and what i've go done

hardcore for the punk
dangers and become a threat
hardcore for the punk
make anger as a powerfull weapon

blak flag and minor threat
i though they are really punk rock
history will never lie
and let it be the proof
Track Name: Television
after you wake up and open your eyes
think you do is turn on television
this has become a routine straight
so in your life is very sad
its time to take control and dont swayed by media

tell lie vision

stop eating reality show
all look like crap and stupid show
never pleasure,never trust,nevel feel better
all decisions is in your hands
dont hate the media now be a media